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Client Testimonials

At Acu-Pro Physiotherapy Clinic, we have proven success in getting our patients back to wellness. Here are selected reviews and success stories from our clients. Weโ€™re always here to listen and help come up with a plan that is tailored to you to help you get back on track to feeling better.

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It was on my bucket list to do a horseback riding trip through Ireland. With my lower back, hip, and left leg pain I was experiencing, I was seriously doubting whether I was going to be able to endure the long plane trip, let alone ride a few hours per day! With Lydia’s treatment and advice, I was able to achieve the trip of a lifetime and had a memorable and wonderful time.

โ€” Dianne S.

I have been a patient of Acu-Pro Physiotherapy Clinic for the past few months. I was involved in a serious car accident 3 years ago, and since then my right hand and right side body can no longer function properly. I have visited several doctors and specialists after the accident trying to find a solution to my problems, but they haven’t helped me with the problems in the neck and back.

After my family doctor transferred me to Acu-Pro Physiotherapy Clinic, Lydia Lee has been very patient to help me during the process of recovering. While I was there, I was treated with Chinese Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. Unbelievably, I feel better and function more properly after the treatments. This never happened before while I was under the treatment of others. I am now feeling way better than before.

Lydia’s professional treatment has helped me a lot after my car accident; therefore, I highly recommend her professional skills. I would continue to visit her in the future if I have more issues with my body, and I wish everyone can find the solution for their problem by visiting her clinic too.

โ€” Joanne W.

I highly recommend Lydia Lee from Acu-Pro Physiotherapy Clinic. With her holistic approach to injury treatment and pain reduction, I am now walking without limping, and have been able to avoid surgery on my left knee. With Lydia’s commitment to blending healing modalities to give her clients the best treatments possible, she is truly a champion for her clients’ needs.

Lydia is a natural at creating a positive environment in the treatment room, to engage my own healing attitude as I am receiving treatment. Also, all the staff are extremely pleasant and professional.

โ€” Donna M.

I have been going to Lydia for a year or more and it’s been a very positive and helpful experience. I was diagnosed with a virus caused form of arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, which should resolve after a year or two. But the important thing during that time is to keep the swelling down, pain reduced, joints and ligaments as mobile as possible. Lydia has worked diligently to make this happen. She has kept up to date with medications and other treatments I was having and followed my progress closely, changing treatments as required: using various machines, wax baths, acupuncture and giving me progressive exercises and stretches. She has been an integral part of my recovery and I can’t thank her enough for her perseverance, patience and her positive attitude. It’s been a long recovery and through all the ups and downs she’s quietly persisted – and I appreciated that so much. I had been to other physiotherapists for my Reactive Arthritis, but she is, by far, the best.

โ€” Geri Y.

I’m over 40, play hockey and often have an injury.ย With a combination of ultrasound, interferential, acupuncture and exercises, Iโ€™ve never felt stronger or more confident that Iโ€™m going to be able to be fit and active for years to come.ย I can play as hard as I want and know that if I hurt myself, Acu-Pro Physiotherapy will be there to help get me back on the road to recovery quickly.

โ€” Veronica C.

I have been to many other physios. None compare to Lydia Lee. She took away pain that I have had for ten years! I feel that I can ask her any question related to my health. She also listens to what I have to say. I would recommend her to everyone.

โ€” Tracy J.