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Should you see a Physiotherapist in Covid times?

Since re-opening the clinic in May 2020, I realize just how many people are experiencing the “ripple” effects of Covid. If any of the scenarios below apply to you, you may very well benefit from consulting me:

  1. You cannot go, or are uncomfortable with going, to the pool anymore, to do your partial weight- bearing program to manage the pain in your spine, shoulder girdles, hips, knees, feet and ankles, so you substituted more weight- bearing exercises eg. doing the Coquitlam crunch or hiking, or climbing numerous flights of stairs, up and down daily, to attempt to maintain your cardiovascular capacity, strength and endurance, and then developed repetitive overuse injuries, because you were unfamiliar with how to pace yourself or cross train, and your body type was not accustomed to that particular repetitive activity, or you had the incorrect gear( mainly footwear).
  2. You are unable to, or are not comfortable going to the gym any longer, and have substituted your own home exercise program of weights- upper and lower body, or plyometric routine that has caused injury due to improper technique, using the incorrect reps and weights or progression, or the incorrect gear, or your body type did not respond well to the activities you chose.
  3. You have substituted bike riding and been involved in a fall/ trauma.
  4. You have stopped exercising altogether, and have now become deconditioned with loss of muscle bulk, strength and endurance, and have tightened up due to not stretching.
  5. You had good ergonomics at work, but have been working from home due to Covid with a ” less than suitable work station “, and have now developed repetitive overuse shoulder-, elbow-, wrist-, or thumb tendinitis.
  6. You are spending so much more time at the PC than you are accustomed to due to Covid, and are not taking regular positional changes and stretch breaks, and are thus tightening up in the neck and shoulder girdles with increased neck- and shoulder girdle pain  and stiffness, with or without increasing headaches, dizziness, nausea, or migraines.
  7. You have had to perform more child care and baby-sitting duties and are now experiencing physical issues from not being accustomed to this.
  8. You decided to use the Covid time at home to do home renovations, gardening, landscaping etc and have injuries and over-use injuries from this.
  9. You have experienced more stress, tension, insomnia, mental health issues viz anxiety, depression, panic attacks due to the pandemic, and may be experiencing physiological issues as a result of this egs. Neck- and shoulder girdle pain and stiffness, headaches and migraines.
  10. You have become socially isolated due to Covid and have now developed physical issues due to this           
  11. If any of the above applies to you, I would like to assist you in attempting to get you through these difficult times. Stay safe and be well.

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