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Can I Get Relief from My Headaches and Migraines?

Have you had a trauma to your head or neck?

   Have you ever been involved in a motor-vehicle accident, or had a blow to the head or sustained a concussion?

Do you know that you have certain triggers that bring on your headaches or migraines?

   Triggers for either headaches or migraines could be stress (physical or emotional), certain foods like aged cheeses, red wince, dark chocolate, changes in weather pressures, bright light, noise, exercise, sleeping and working in the incorrect position for your head and neck, stiffness of your h3ead and neck and/ shoulder girdles.

Are your headaches or migraines getting more frequent or increasing in intensity with the passing weeks or months?

Are your headaches or migraines preceded by neck stiffness, discomfort or pain?

Does it appear as though the medications that you are using to control your headaches or migraines seem to be less effective?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, there is a good possibility that your headaches and migraines are related to your head and neck and that, with the appropriate treatment, you could get some relief.

Please make an appointment to see the physiotherapist for an assessment to determine whether or not she/ he feels that treatment would be helpful, ad what treatment modalities will be used.



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